Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Times

I haven't had the camera out much lately, but we are having good times! I like this picture of my two youngest sweetly sitting on the couch reading together because sometimes there really is a quiet moment like that, and they are such good friends and SUCH good kids!! (For those that do not know, you can click on the picture to see a larger version). What have we been keeping busy with?? In addition to the normal work, homeschool, baby appointments, Bible Study, Kids Club and choir (the latter two ended this week, freeing up our weekly evenings), we have successfully leveled the floors of our house (and are still cleaning up the cracks, misalignments and dust that resulted!). Adrian has taken 1 elk and 1 deer and may go get another deer before hunting season is over. Last weekend we got to see a brand new family member: Bentley in his first hours of life-- what a blessing to be close by! We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends yesterday, and have so much to be thankful for every day. I encourage my children to tell God what they are thankful for each evening, 'cause there is never a lack of what we can thank him for. My list of thanks, every day, begins with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughters. These gifts are a few of many that make me understand that everything I am and everything I have is a product of grace, and not my own doing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, mid-November already. Sometimes with toddlers underfoot the saying is, “days go slow, years speed past”. However, I feel like each day is speeding fast right now. We are now 7 weeks away from the anticipated birth of our fourth child. Adrian and I will both turn 31 next week. And 2009 only has a few more days left!!

All 5 of us survived the so-called swine flu, and I’ve never felt happier to be healthy than these days following the illness. When you’re sick, you can’t imagine feeling well again. And when you’re well, you can’t fully grip the misery of illness. We lost about 2 weeks of our lives to feeling crummy, cancelling plans, not stepping foot outdoors, and falling miserably behind on house work. But now that we’re better, it’s been wonderful for an excuse to sanitize everything, get into every corner, and enjoy getting out of the house! God was truly good to us, answering our prayers for protection for the unborn baby and healing us all.

For lack of more to say, I’ll post some recent pictures. We love our girls so very much!

Here’s Jaci with her amazing blue eyes.
When we tell the girls to get their jammies on unsupervised, this is what they do. Bottoms on top, tops on bottom, parading around like a couple of monkeys. Creative, cute, and accompanied by endless giggles.

When we cut Adrian’s elk, the girls wanted to help, so they both practiced with knives cutting some ham.