Monday, March 21, 2016


Wow, we have enjoyed a super early spring here!  
Cubby keeps looking out the window and, upon seeing green grass, exclaims:
"It's SUMMER!"

sweet sisters


we spend a lot of our days kissing those cheeks...

....and loving those eyes...

The kids at their Excellence in Education event last week
(only 4 of our children made it in this photo)

Jaci, Aaron and Orion's class
performing prepositions

loving the chub!

averaging 10 a day!

With the help of our built in babysitter,
we've taken lots of dates in March!
And we don't mind being a threesome for now...

it's fun to be out in public with just her...
...people make such different comments when you have 1 baby
compared to when you have 3 or 6 along with you!

Ella is 12!

Our beautiful, talented, humble and SWEET firstborn turned 12!  
Thanks to all who sent her love on her birthday!
We did our best to make her have a great day!!
 Lots of "rose" themed gift bags!  :)
Her request for a date: lunch at Subway and open one gift there!
(She didn't mind at all that baby sister tagged along)

sledding in the afternoon.
It always cracks me up the way ALL the animals
want to be involved with the kids when they are outside!
This is akin to Bev Doolittle's paintings: Can you spot 3 mini horses and a dog?
The cats were out there too!  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 months!

Baby is 3 months old... Where did the time go?

Piano lessons!
Morning fuzz heads
Angel baby
She is just beginning to grab items and bring them to her mouth-- so fun!!
Getting big!