Monday, March 21, 2016


Wow, we have enjoyed a super early spring here!  
Cubby keeps looking out the window and, upon seeing green grass, exclaims:
"It's SUMMER!"

sweet sisters


we spend a lot of our days kissing those cheeks...

....and loving those eyes...

The kids at their Excellence in Education event last week
(only 4 of our children made it in this photo)

Jaci, Aaron and Orion's class
performing prepositions

loving the chub!

averaging 10 a day!

With the help of our built in babysitter,
we've taken lots of dates in March!
And we don't mind being a threesome for now...

it's fun to be out in public with just her...
...people make such different comments when you have 1 baby
compared to when you have 3 or 6 along with you!

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  1. What a fun way for me to get to know you a little. I love your sweet family photos! I already can't wait to meet you and ask questions about your excellence in education group and just how you are doing this parenting thing we are both in right now!