Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Aunt Sandy meets babies!

We have a very special auntie in our lives...and her name is Sandy!  She includes us in her tea parties, shares her dolls with us, helps with creativity at our parties, makes time for us during her days off... and she loves us unconditionally!

Last weekend when she was on her way to meet baby Taiya, I was remembering the various places she has met our other babies...and I copied photos from each event into a folder.  When she was here, I forgot to show them to her in person, so thought I'd make a blog post of it!  She has met each of our babies in a different place!  From the date on the photo, I can also see how old each baby was...

MSP Airport - Ella Rose 7 weeks old
(We were on our way to S&S's wedding, March 2004!)

more time together in Wisconsin- 7-8 weeks old
Tessa Jane -apartment in Anaconda - 8 days old
I think Sandy was at Manhattan preps and came over for the weekend

Jaci Claire - house in Anaconda - 18 days old
Sandy was probably at Manhattan preps at this time too, and briefly came our way...

Aaron Rio - on our way to OR, we met at a breakfast place in Plains - 2.5 weeks old
love this face on Tessa!

her daddy's namesake
Orion was 4 days old when Aunt Sandy met him!

in the days following Orion's birth~ 
Here are the siblings enjoying a picnic in the meadow.(We would travel home to Anaconda a few days later, and move to our new home 6 weeks later)
playing cards at home...
and throwing a tea party!

Sandy met Taiya Grace here at our new home!
Sadly, she was our oldest baby at 11 weeks old when she met Aunt Sandy!
It was just circumstance at this time of year...that Aunt Sandy was over east in October and November!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dec favorites

how we weigh her here at home, on the letter scale!

when Jaci asked to make snickerdoodles, I didn't say no...


The things my children do when I'm not looking...

These photos have appeared on my camera and given me a fright!!

Nobody has taken responsibility for the pencil creativity, so EVERYONE got a lecture about how dangerous that is with a baby who doesn't yet control her limbs!

and finally.... I don't even want to keep this photo because of my hatred for snakes...
...fortunately I know it was just plastic...

babies, babies!

Oh, how we have loved each of our babies!  
Every time we have one, I say, "This one is my favorite!"  And it's true!  
Each and every one has been so enjoyable and so beautiful!
This post contains comparisons of our 4 girls!

We managed to get a profile photo of each girl: can you tell who is who? 
 We've also had a lot of sleepy babies!  
clockwise from upper left: Taiya, Jaci, Tessa, and Ella!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

photo shoot

In August, I was so fortunate to win a photography session with a local birth photographer.  She wasn't here for the birth, but came when Taiya was 3 days old and took some marvelous photos of our kids!  Here is a sampling ~


Well, for some (tiny pink) reason, October and November were both a blur for this household!! I am sorry it has been 7 weeks since the last post!  We have so many precious photos of newborn Taiya; here are some of my favorites:

one day I decided to take a photo of all the booties we have for Taiya..
and after I shot the photo, I found 2 more pairs...
and since then she got some awesome cowgirl boots from Texas!
kimono outfit made by Elissa

sometimes your headband falls off and becomes your eye mask...

we just can't stop adoring this pretty baby!

cuddles put them both to sleep!

Aaron has asked many times to be skin-to-skin, which is so good for baby!

quilt block decorating day!

Taiya's first Packers game with Daddy

....because there are never any photos of mama with her baby...

pants by Elissa.  This was Taiya's outfit on Daddys 1st day of hunting!
...and daddy was fortunate to have a cow elk within an hour of opening day!

oh the fun Sadie and Taiya will one day have!  

Gramma Mary's 2nd visit