Sunday, December 6, 2015


Well, for some (tiny pink) reason, October and November were both a blur for this household!! I am sorry it has been 7 weeks since the last post!  We have so many precious photos of newborn Taiya; here are some of my favorites:

one day I decided to take a photo of all the booties we have for Taiya..
and after I shot the photo, I found 2 more pairs...
and since then she got some awesome cowgirl boots from Texas!
kimono outfit made by Elissa

sometimes your headband falls off and becomes your eye mask...

we just can't stop adoring this pretty baby!

cuddles put them both to sleep!

Aaron has asked many times to be skin-to-skin, which is so good for baby!

quilt block decorating day!

Taiya's first Packers game with Daddy

....because there are never any photos of mama with her baby...

pants by Elissa.  This was Taiya's outfit on Daddys 1st day of hunting!
...and daddy was fortunate to have a cow elk within an hour of opening day!

oh the fun Sadie and Taiya will one day have!  

Gramma Mary's 2nd visit

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