Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Aaron is pulling himself to standing! He did it last night, and I thought it was a fluke, so I set him up again this morning, and he duplicated the action before the camera! 1....2...3...4!
I'm a bit surprised by this, because he just began sitting up about 3 weeks ago. I'm a bit CONCERNED by this, because he lacks the sense to hang on once he's standing! ;)
Here's our family before we hiked the "M" in Missoula a few weeks ago.

Aaron "helping" daddy assemble a fly rod; camping at Georgetown Lake

Dave and the girls enjoying a campfire

The Event At Rebecca Farm
Kalispell, MT
We were in Kalispell with Adrian for work last week, so I was pleased to take the kids to this World Cup horsemanship event! The weekend consisted of Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping (an equestrian triathlon). I LOVED IT!!
When I first arrived, I found several "warm up" arenas, and spotted one horse rearing in the background:
The kids at a fountain on the property:

An overview of one side of the cross country course:

Horse & rider crossing water
A paint & rider crossing the course:
This picture shows how close spectators were to the action: notice the horse running up hill just in front of us:
Racing uphill!
The jump was right next to us, too:
Neat, neat! I have a renewed hope that someday we'll have horses ... even if I'm not competing at this level, it will be wonderful to have them around!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day, 5 month boy, 2 year old girl

Aaron Rio at 5 months; always ready to smile!

Jaci Claire on her 2nd birthday

A bruised lip and food on the face, but still beautiful at 2:

This photo is titled, "I can't hold him any longer!" (he's 17.5 lbs now)
Jaci with her doggy cake
Father's Day 2010. He would look just as good with another kid on his lap next year, wouldn't he?

Daddy wanted to snap this photo of Aaron's "chub" on our way to the hotel pool!
A picture that captures Tessa's unbridled love for her baby brother. She sometimes actually hurts him with her kisses, unable to hold back *ALL* that feeling! Tessa captured this feeling with words pretty well this week when she told me, "I want to marry Aaron when he grows up!"

mmm, lilacs!

Aaron and a doll friend

The girls at Georgetown Lake on Sunday

I love how you can see from the rocky lake bottom up to the blue sky in this photo! (That's Jaci with Daddy trying out his new float tube for fishing!)

Do you think we're over the weight limit for the float tube?