Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keepin' Busy

Here's what's keeping us busy ... homeschool and extracurriculars already! Last week we attended the 4H Fun Day in Deer Lodge. Ella's 3 classes were no bake treats (she's dipping a pretzel in chocolate below),

Rocketry (after decorating her rocket it was propelled by an air compressor)
and a Lewis and Clark demonstration from a guy who actually did the expedition a few years ago. The little sisters tagged along, and we all think 4H is going to be a bunch of fun for years to come!
This week, Jaci continues to potty train while we homeschool in the mornings. She hasn't had any great success to boast about, but her interest level is very high, so we're giving that some attention until the new baby arrives. We are also busy in the evenings, and glad to be healthy to be able to do it all... Monday night: Bible Study; Tuesday Night: Kids Club Wednesday night: Ella's choir. Thursday morning will find us at the Anaconda Fire House for a field trip with several other homeschooling families. And it's already time to line up a November field trip! Keeping busy makes the days go fast while daddy is gone-- he is working in Vancover this week.
Oh and baby #4 (sorry, no photo available) seems to be growing healthily. S/He is active, measuring on time, and keeping us in suspense about WHO it is and whether it will be a 2009 or 2010 baby!


  1. Wow! Go Jaci on potty training! (john shows very little interest so far!) Sounds like busy, fun days!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy seeing your cute litle family. Raymond & Joyce

  3. Brings back the memories of trying to keep up with 4 little ones and all their school activities. Very special days make such GOOD memories!

  4. What sweet, sweet girls you have. Thank you for sharing through this blog so we can watch them grow too!

  5. So fun to see those big smiles! Thanks for sharing I MISS you!