Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Babe Aaron"

Assigning nicknames come naturally for Adrian, whose son has become "Babe Aaron". "Is that a combination of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron?" I asked. By the response, I was assured that not nearly that much thought had been put into it! So we now have a Ella Rosen-thorpus-porpoise- I won't type out the rest; a "Tesla James", a "Jables" and a "Babe Aaron". I prefer to call the baby "little critter" or "baby boy". It is interesting how nicknames surface for no good reason, and change with time. For example, we no longer call Tessa "chunk bug" which was her name during her very chunky baby stage. But perhaps we should-- that name evokes such an adoration in my heart!

Here in Portland, it is so much fun to introduce baby Aaron to everyone who lives here! Here he is with Uncle Mike.
Baby bug is 3 weeks old today!! Along with a weight measurement, I have have to mark on his calendar that he has his first stuffy nose. :( That is such an awful thing when it happens to such a small nose! As a mommy I so desire to protect my baby from every little pain and illness, but of course I cannot. Every time we heal, every time we escape accident, injury or death, I'm convinced it is only the grace and mercy of God's powerful hand holding us all together. We are here to glorify him, no matter how many days we have to do it. The fragility of life I see in my children and in healthy people dying young makes me thankful for TODAY and thankful: "There will be a day with no more tears, no more pain, no more fears" --Jeremy Camp (listen to song #10 below)

Sometimes I see such a cute image
looking over my shoulder
when I pass by a mirror,
I pick up the camera to try and capture it:
2 week photo shoot!

He loves to be swaddled!
peaceful slumber while he grows!


  1. Looks like you've been wonderfully busy!! Happy 6th Birthday to Ella! Hard to believe our 1st borns are 6 already! 'babe Aaron'.. cute!! How wonderful to be able to travel and introduce him to family!!

  2. So cute! Doesn't the time just go too fast already!! Love the nicknames your kids have =) We have had so many nicknames for our kids too, I try to write them down so we can look back and laugh over them all someday =)

  3. What a perfect and sweet little baby you have. The girls are all so beautiful too. Wonderful to see all your pictures.