Friday, April 2, 2010


Jaci is now chewing gum! Here's a picture of her with some orange gum between her cute little teeth. She chewed it for nearly an hour and then put it into the garbage, just like her big sisters do! She has wanted to do this for so long, it's exciting to see her be so happy about it!
~ sweet sleeping baby ~
Mr Aaron has been growing very fast, we know -- but I finally took a minute to see how his growth compared to his older sisters. They were all born within a few ounces of 7 pounds.
At 10 weeks:
Ella was 11 pounds
Tessa "chunkbug" was 12 pounds
Jaci was 11 pounds
Aaron is 14 pounds!

Like a lady at church says, "Those aren't cheeks; those are sucking muscles!!"

I often tell little Aaron that I'm glad he's growing so fast after he was born, not before!
I totally love every ounce of him!

Jaci has such a beautiful smile!

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  1. awww, mr aaron is super cute! glad he's growing well... won't be long and he'll pass up madi, unless she has a growth spurt soon. some random lady at kmart yesterday told me that her nine-month-old son is almost 30 lbs (he started out at 4lbs), so babies really do grow at their own pace. as long as they're healthy, right? the girls and aaron ALL look happy and healthy :)