Tuesday, October 12, 2010

quick post

Our very own, Jaci Claire
Aaron Rio, nearly 9 months
On Saturday, the process of harvesting, coring, cutting, simmering, and seasoning with VERY limited counter space yielded 7-8 gallons of applesauce...
When I get overwhelmed by all the clutter around me, I find that it often helps to take a picture of it, knowing it won't always be this way. So here's a photo of the girls' "treasures", which they drag out, sort, organize, bathe and leave out just as often as I let 'em:
A very typical view for me--Aaron holding onto my legs, wanting up:
Go Beavs!
Lots of ballet happening here this autumn...
One quiet afternoon I found the girls watching a movie from this position...
...and I love them, even though they are an insanity inducing amount of work!!


  1. oh, sweet little ones! :)
    awesome turn-out on the applesauce- i, too, understand the small kitchen thing. i dream of one day having a nice one :)

  2. of course you love them... and I love that last photo!

  3. That last photo is priceless! :)

  4. Sweet Jaci made me burst into a smile :) Thanks for that, JCP! That photo of the girls' ballet shoes is awesome, Anna!!

  5. Hi Anna and Co!
    Love the photos of the kids and of your projects!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Applesauce is a labor of love. Kudos on 7-8 gallons! And I love the picture of the teasure, my girls have a "special drawer" in their dresser where I allow them to keep their neat things that they find....It always amazes me what makes it into that drawer... :)