Thursday, December 30, 2010


Mas means "more" in Spanish, so I like to think of Christmas as more of Jesus!! The girls got to explore the story of Jesus' miraculous birth through practicing for a Christmas play, and imagining all the people who came to worship him ~ there were rich and poor, young and old who came to greet the Messiah as a baby. They also learned a few Christmas songs. I wonder if they will remember them next year!
Here are the girls' dresses, all ready to go for the Sunday before Christmas ~
Beautiful sisters
With baby brother
We were at Gramma Mary's house on Christmas day. We cut out, baked and decorated sugar cookies, molasses cookies, and gingerbread houses

When we got home, we opened presents over the next few days. The girls received new bear dollies, a bunch of homeschool books, a dishwasher sized box with windows and a door cut out, a play kitchen, and lots of other toys. Everything (except the box, which was free) was hand me downs from friends and family, so we spent a grand total of $0 on Christmas gifts this year! THANK YOU Taylor, Aunt Charlene, Pflugs and Blomquists for your generosity!!

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