Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 months!

5 gems
You can imagine how difficult it is to get 5 little ones' eyes and faces all turned one direction and looking pleasant.  I had no idea this was actually a simple feat, compared to getting your 6'8" husband to look the same direction as everyone else!  ONCE AGAIN, this shot would have been a very cute picture if it weren't for your "humor", honey!  (I never know what he's doing until I see the print, 'cause I'm focusing on looking toward the camera).  Hmph.

thanks Pam for snapping these!  :)

about every other morning and every other night,
I feel compelled to take my camera outside and snap some photos
of what we are seeing.
My husband says, "you're a romantic."
I say, "I'm sooo enjoying these amazing sunrises and sunsets God is painting just for me!"
Just can't get enough!
(Can you believe this is the view from our dining room/deck?  Only it's a 180 degree view.
Yes, I do know I am the luckiest lady on earth!!)

5 months!!

The following are a series of snapshots depicting Cubby's 5 month birthday.
When you have seen enough of a couple of blue eyes and some very fat cheeks,
you may choose to quit scrolling.
I'm only posting this many because they are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S- to me
 (that was Ella's spelling word last week, and she has taught the middle 3 children how to spell it as well, so we are hearing it a lot lately).  And I happen to know that approximately 3 aunties and 1-2 grandmas may enjoy each of them.

This little guy doubled his birth weight by 4 months.
At 5 months, he weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds ~
reaching this milestone months before his siblings,
and a whole pound heavier than Jaci was on her 1st birthday!  :)

Can you spot the baby?!

Before this blessing of a baby was born, I wondered what his nickname would be.  Seems we have one that will stick.  During his first couple of months, he reminded us of a cute little bear cub, so we started calling him "Cub".  Of course there are daily variations spoken in adoration as he becomes chubbier by the day: Chub Cub, FAT cub, Tubby Cubby, Cube, etc.  He's our little cub, so you won't be confused when I refer to him as that.


  1. Anna- that baby of yours gets cuter and cuter everyday! SOOO darling :)

  2. Was so happy to see an update on your blog :) Mary and i were just talking lately about Adrians posing for family pictures...some things will never change, huh? haha! And the picture of Orion tipping over (but still grinning) made my heart flutter! Love you guys!

  3. So cute. :) "cube".... So very cute :)

  4. Yes, check this auntie off the list too! So fun, and THANKS again for taking the precious time to share with us! The family pictures are perfect too! (yes, because Adrian WILL be Adrian!) :)

  5. darling kids, can't believe how much they've grown!. loving the family shots. i've learned that it's often the biggest kids that make picture taking... memorable! :)