Saturday, December 1, 2012

7 months

In honor of Orion's 7 month birthday today, I shall make a post!  

A spice cake to celebrate Orion's 6 month birthday
(As if 7 birthdays in this house, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas
weren't enough occasion to celebrate)
One of the great joys of turning 6 months
is that mommy FINALLY lets you begin eating
all those foods you've been grabbing
off of other people's plates for months!
Here is Orion enjoying a very garlic-y crust of bread
(Favorite foods are pears and peas,
but he has also devoured pickles and cranberry sauce without so much as a pucker)
He also laps water from a glass in a very entertaining way,
so we're all glad to give him a drink anytime!

The chomp-with-no-teeth look!

This was the day I earned the
"Bad Mommy" Award
for letting the baby fall asleep upright in his bouncer!
I always feel so sad when they fall asleep without me!

Mr Aaron.
Need I say more?
Aaron has oft seen us tape up the girls' masterpieces,
so he made one of his own...
...and taped it up himself
So nice to have a camera to remember scenes like this!

Time with Uncle Darryl!
(flashback 30 years, and that's me& my cousins sitting on his lap!)
For Tessa, November meant another missing tooth
A trip to Oregon and back with the family
EXTREME happiness over the little joys in life
EXTREME disappointment over the little bumps in life.
Yes, Tessa is our passionate girl.
Whatever she is feeling comes out in great amounts!

Ella constantly helps me with the baby.
She has such a heart of a servant; she amazes me.
Every favor and every chore, she does well.
She is a willing student, a compliant daughter,
and beautiful, besides!

And here's our Jaci bug, who often escapes the camera and the headlines due to her quiet nature.
She is a schemer
She is the ultimate button presser
Her laugh is contagious
Not one to be left behind or told she is too small,
she reads and writes to my astonishment.
What a precious little jewel!

For Adrian and I,
November meant turning 34,
2 deer in the freezer,
lots of company,
and juggling much!  

It is amazing to read about Israel in the headlines and in Bible prophecy, and know that all things are working together for good-- for the end of this earth, and the beginning of eternity.

"He who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"  --Rev 22.20


  1. Oh i love opening your blog and finding a new post! I smile the whole time i'm reading it and get a good old auntie-fix from far away. :) Thanks so much Anna for fitting one more thing into your day (blog post) so the rest of us can enjoy it!

  2. I've been slow to respond to your great comment on making a keepsake from the kids school work. I love your idea and am going to have to do it for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing it!

    Fun to see new pictures of your busy days and especially pictures of the Oregon coast. Funny, you don't realize that you miss it 'til you see pictures of it! We'll get back down there...someday!