Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kids journal

how they sleep
We conduct an interview every time the kids have a birthday, but I don't want to forget the other cute little things the kids say and do amid the busyness of life!  So I either jot it down on a scrap and put it on our "funnies" board in the kitchen, or I journal about each kid when I can.  Here is what will go in our spring 2013 journals:

Orion is only 22 days from his 1st birthday, and continues to be such a delight!  The only thing that thwarts his happy smile is the fact that he pushed his 1st tooth through last weekend, and it appears the 2nd will make its debut very soon.  It seems as though he has changed overnight from chubby cherib to michief man!! Just a few days ago, he would burst into heartbroken tears when we gently told him "no food on the floor".  Now, he rushes to the window boxes full of our seedlings just to see if he can get a handful of dirt before mom notices.  (He will actually turn to look at me before reaching for the plants!).  Now, when I tell him, "No dirt, Cubby!" he smiles with a great twinkle of the eye.  When I scoop him up, he kicks his legs fiercely and giggles.  When set down again, it is obvious he is already planning his next race to the dirt!  Orion's first (and most constant word is definitely "Ella", which he uses to greet his sisters or ask where they are.  He also says "a-wah" for Aaron, and does a purring noise for anything that makes noise (cars, trucks, tractor, vacuum).  He is cruising furniture, walls, goes up and down stairs by himself, and has just begun to sign a few words.  He signs hi/bye, dog, frog, food, bath / swimming. He is literally adding a sign a day to his repertoire, using more, tired, and change in the last 3 days!  He gets major attention and adoration all day long.  

Aaron is the most conscious 3 year old boy I've ever known.   His attention to detail is amazing, which can be really good or really challenging!  He is very good at cleaning up and knowing where things belong, but also has a fit if things aren't just his way (and his way is often difficult for me to decipher).  Some of his complaints include when I put food on a different side of the plate than he imagined, or the order in which he gets dressed.  he is a playful boy, wanting to join in on any games his sisters have thought up, to go outside any chance he gets, and ride his trikes.  His greatest strength is probably language, and we're amazed by his vocabulary and proper use of idioms.  Recently he climbed to the top of the couch and peering across to the dining room, announced , "Girls!  I'm keeping an eye on you!".  Last week I asked him where a certain toy was, to which He raised his tiny little pointer finger and replied, "Hmmm!  I Have a hypothesis!" 

Jaci, in our estimation, is accomplishing everything early for her age.  She is biking independently, reading at the same level as Tessa, spelling and writing like a pro.  She is the only girl who has returned to crocheting in her free time (since Gramma Linda taught them how).  In spare time, she can be found playing the piano (and composing some amazing songs ~ I wish videos were easier to post!).  She even joined in on the family Boggle game this week, and Dutch Blitz is a daily activity.  Daddy often teases her that she is "too little" to be doing all these things, and this seems to propel her to prove him wrong!

I can't believe how tall Tessa is getting.  I mean, after all, she was our "teej-pooj" just a little while ago!  She is now sharing clothes with Ella, growing out of her princess bike, and in the phase of losing teeth.  She is the most avid artist in this house, producing various full colored pictures every single day.  She is also an excellent math student.  Not to be left in Ella's dust, she is learning some multiplication along with her addition facts.  She is especially looking fwd to our trip to Alaska (May/June), where she will celebrate her 7th birthday!  
with some very sweet new friends!

Ella is also growing by leaps and bounds.  Just now she is finishing the last of the C.S. Lewis Narnia series.  She will begin a homeschool co-op science class devoted to rock identification next week, and we're hoping to enroll her in spring track very soon.

Both girls are very pleasant to have in class, and amaze me with the way they learn ~ they are loving the pilgrim era of history right now.  They have just begun learning cursive, and we have also added in American Sign Language, Spanish, and, typing.

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of Adrian's new position here in Kalispell.  I think he has settled nicely into the job after the initial feeling of being overwhelmed.  As for m, the overwhelmed feeling has not passed!  I am beginning to talk myself into the fact that I may never feel settled or organized... because of this life we have chosen with a large family, a large home, and homeschool.  I would still choose it!

Adrian & I are working on a "master plan" for improvements on our property ~ which will include flower and vegetable gardens, fencing, fire pit, play structure for the kids ~ and might include a barn, sprinkler system, fountain, chicken coop, circular drive.  I didn't know that the advantage of a small yard was no options!!  :)

We are surrounded by beauty!
frisbee at the park!

right out my window on the drive from Anaconda

family game nights

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