Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ella at Track

Let me just say, I am very proud of both of my older girls!  I decided to enroll them in Highlanders this spring, because it is FREE, it is only a 3 week commitment, and because everybody wants to get outside and enjoy this amazing spring weather we are having!  They have had 4 practices, and yesterday was the first meet (350 area kids are registered).

I am so proud of the way Ella ran during the relay.  During practice, it didn’t look like they really knew what to do.  But on track meet day, they shined.  She waited for her team mate, then began jogging.  As her track mate approached, she began running.  She waited for a secure hand –off, and then she began sprinting!  It was so cool to watch!  I have no idea which placement their team got; for some reason all of Ella's ribbons went missing.  I was just marveling at what kind of job they did!  
running at practice 
stretching with the team
(and by the way, we think the coach in the foreground
 looks so much like my brother Joel!)

waiting for team mate

beginning to jog before the hand off

the secure hand off at a run

ready to run!


the track is very near to a private airport, so there are constantly small planes flying overhead,
much to the delight of Jaci & Aaron!

Tessa running hurdles

finish line!

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