Monday, July 8, 2013


We brought our new puppy home last night!  She is a real sweetie.  She is a 4 month old Great Pyrenees.  
(From the Pyrenean Mountains that divide France and Spain, this is a large working dog.  Classically a sheep or goat shepherd, they will guard the whole farm, and especially children.  I was attracted to the breed because we would eventually like to have chickens, ducks and rabbits; she will protect these animals from predators.  With 2 coats of fur, she is well suited to Montana winters outdoors.  And who knows, if I get really ambitious when she is full grown, I may train her to pull a sled!)

She has a very different nature than Layla as a puppy, so the kids can handle her without any trouble.  She doesn't pull on the leash, nip, jump.  When I took her on a walk of the perimeter of our property, it was evident she just wanted to be back in the yard with the children.  We have Layla here to help the puppy's transition to a new home ~ but she is clearly more interested in us than Layla! 
She only whined a few minutes last night, and then settled into her bed to sleep.

 Adrian was immediately endeared to her because she didn't lick him!  :)  


proud boy 'n' his dog

name tba!

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