Thursday, May 1, 2014


Orion has been such a delightful little baby from day one.  He was born with a smile on his face, began smiling on that first day, and continues to be an easy going, happy dude.  

He is the ONLY baby (yes, 1/5) that has not screamed in the car seat, screamed about bathing, q tipping the ears, wiping the nose, or fingernail clippings.  He has never been colicky without explanation, and has not complained when teething-- even when cutting 8 teeth at a time in February.  He never went through a stranger anxiety phase, or a time when mom couldn't set him down to make dinner.  He happily eats a wide variety of healthy foods.  He doesn't resist naps- he tells me when he needs one, and snoozes easily.  Of all the children, he has taken to potty training the fastest.  I have often said that if I'd had him first, I would think there were something terribly wrong with my other babies!  He has made life e-a-s-y for this busy mom!

This little baby was born after four older siblings ~ so he's got a whole lot of love heaped on him.  He was also born into a house that was already loud, so he is learning to be loud as well.  He can be heard yelling across the house "Maaaaamaaaa!"  Just yesterday he cracked Adrian & I up when Aaron picked up one of Ella's belongings, and he began yelling, "Ellllaaaaaaa!", so as to tell on Aaron.  His other clear words are yes ("um"), no ('uh"), and just began saying "done" this week.  Cubby is behind the other kids in vocabulary at this age, but definitely not behind in communication!  :)

 Today we celebrate 2 years with this undeserved, unmerited gift from God.  O is such a handsome child, I catch myself looking at him just because he is so beautiful. 
 Adrian asked, "what do you give a little boy who is so content?
The kids have "shopped" in the archived toys to wrap up an item he hasn't seen for a while -- or ever.  They are wrapping their gifts to present to him.  

It doesn't cost much to celebrate a little boy whose life, to us, is priceless!  

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  1. Aw, birthday posts with so many pictures are SO fun for an auntie! :) Thanks!