Thursday, August 7, 2014

July in photos

July is over?  Oh dear!  My favorite month is past.  Lots of 90 degree days, and only a few days of smoke filled sky....Summer is the season that we try to fit a lot of "extras" into our already busy lives!!  It is the short season where we can enjoy swimming in lakes, fishing, and climbing to find huckleberries! 

wild Montana huckleberries!!
~with all this happy help, we picked 1 galon in 2 hours~

overlooking Flathead lake from Blacktail Mountain

Anaconda friends visited!


"Bay!  Bay!  Mo' Bay!"
(translated, "berries, more berries!")

oh, joy!

kitten caboodle!
 Tess & Jace were honored to be asked to be flower girls in our lovely neighbor Rebecca's wedding on July 19!  They got beautiful matching blue dresses and geared up for the day...
walking to the photo shoot

bride groom, flower girls and ring bearer!

our wonderful neighbors ...
....couldn't ask for better people to live next to...
...they moved 4 days after the wedding.   :(
here comes the bride!

enjoying new life on the farm

Adrian participated in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Polson are the hoops set up on the street...

Ella & Eden

action shot

double teamed
When you are the tallest guy on the court, the other team assumes they have to be aggressive against you.  The above photo was taken just seconds before Adrian was viciously slammed into by an opponent.  When he bent down and spit blood, I immediately flashed back to March and thought "concussion".  Flying into emergency mode, I ran to his side.  One of his front teeth was obviously out of place.  Blood everywhere, I thought for sure he would lose the tooth.  Anxious to get back to the game (and win), he jammed the tooth back into place when he bit down..  Taking a call at home, the dentist said often a blood clot will form and hold the tooth in place, and will go back to normal... Not the way we wanted to learn, but amazing nonetheless.   

lake fun!

after the bball tournament, what a treat...
invited to cool down at a property on
Flathead Lake at Polson!!

I think I've mentioned this before...
when I am overwhelmed by the mess,
it helps me to just take a photo.
I figure I will be able to laugh about it later.
This was Elmer's glue creatively spread on our leather office chair.
(I didn't get a photo of the tube of toothpaste emptied into the sink ~ Ramona style).

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  1. Fun fun fun to see! I love the 5 huckleberry pickers picture! ;)