Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Yes, it is true, not a joke...though announced on April 1!   We are happy to anticipate baby #6, due in October!

The girls want a girl.  The boys want a boy.  It's a bit like adding to your team!  We are pretty well split; here's our kids' score so far:

Girls: 3 Boys: 2
Born on Friday night: 3  Born on Tuesday night: 2
Right handed: 3. Left handed: 2
Early risers: 2 Night owls: 3
Loud: 2 Quiet: 3
Blue eyes: 5
Love to be outside: 5
Love sweet treats: 5

Number of 2015 babies (that we know of):
Doland family: 3
Pheifer family: 3
church family: 3

As for the parents, we are glad that we'll either have 3/3, or 4 daughters and 2 sons.  

And no, we won't know until October! 


  1. Oh how exciting!! So many babies popping up this year!!

  2. Congrats! (And I loved your mom poem too, way to true!!!)