Wednesday, August 26, 2015

baby T!

Whew, only about 5 weeks until we meet the newest member of our family!  I know this time is going to speed by...and we are so excited to discover the little one God has planned for us!

I'm pretty sure choosing a baby name is the only thing I enjoy about pregnancy.  Adrian and I have chosen not to share our baby name ideas in advance because we don't really want opinions, input or feedback before the baby is born.  We want to choose the name, and then let everybody else get used to it!

...and get used to it, you have!  My poor grandmother called J "Jackie", "Jockey" and "Jassy" before she finally got it right.  When we named O, we had NO IDEA there was a different pronunciation of his name depending on what part of the country you're from!  Thankfully babies grow into their names, and pretty soon Jaci and Orion don't seem so foreign anymore. 

So this time around, we are ready with a boy name* and a girl name.  Either way, let me introduce you to baby "T" If baby is of the girl variety, this name we've agreed upon & held onto for several years now.  Paired with the middle name, she will have the same syllable rhythm as each of her sisters.  If baby is a boy, his first name will end like all the other males in our family, and his middle name would echo the Spanish flavor of his brothers' middle names.  

*subject to change.  I called our 5th baby "Micah" through the entire pregnancy.  We discussed at length and officially named him at 3 days old.  

Got a guess?  Post a comment!  ;)


  1. Oh what fun!! I love the "surprise" aspect of it all & will anxiously await the news! I have always been in awe of how perfectly a chosen name melds into the being of the sweet newborn's aura & fits perfectly.

  2. I think if its a girl she'll be Truly Joy! Because she will be! And if its a boy it'll be Tryan Si! Because try and see if any baby will be more special! :) (hows that for getting carried away!) ;)