Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 months

Time to post an update of Aaron. He was 4 months old yesterday, so here are a bunch of photos I've taken over the past 2 days. What you can't see is the sound this boy puts out! He's pretty vocal! When in a good mood (pretty much all the time), he goes around squeaking and squealing and making exclamations in high pitches. If he is set down somewhere and wants mommy, he begins to mildly complain, and is very patient, until I pick him up. Then, immediately the leg kicking excited squeals come. I'd compare them to a baby piglet or a baby foal's neigh. Only cuter. Hopefully I'll get that on video to show him later.
A profile shot: lightly reddish tinted fuzzy head, just like Ella & Tessa had.

In my opinion, he still looks the most like Adrian, Adrian's dad, Adrian's Grandpa.
But in this photo, he totally reminds me of my brother Paul when he was a baby. I'll have to see if my parents agree...

The bumbo is new to Aaron this week (thank you Pam!) We all love it!

... a bit sleepy...

...and sporting mommy's favorite jammies. They're just so soft and cuddly, worn by my soft & cuddly baby. Oh, did I mention he's 16 1/2 pounds now? Yeah, not such a small baby anymore, but still extremely cuddly. More so than any of our girls were!


  1. Anna- he is so cute! Logan seems much the same, squeaking and squealing all the time, and most all of the time in a good mood. And getting BIGGER and HEAVIER all the time. What a fun age.

  2. Loved seeing the little guy. I have away from your blog for awhile. Missed seeing you and the family!