Wednesday, January 19, 2011

amid the bustling

We have been busy traveling (we were away from home 16 weeks in 2010), working on the house (new & improved laundry room as of the weekend!), homeschooling (I count it a priviledge and am loving it!) and raising 4 children. Since Adrian said we aren't planning to travel again for a while, I committed to a few weekly activities, including a sign language class (Ella and Tessa attend with me), tumbling class (all 3 girls participate) and a playgroup that is refreshing for us all. The following photos are of fun times we've had amid the daily routine!!
New Years Welcoming Comittee 2011
(and time for bed for Aaron!)
Jaci is such a nurturing little girl!
A photo of the ONLY time we had all 4 in the bath at the same time:
Aaron Rio eating:
Had to pick up the camera in the moment that I had 4 little people helping me prepare dinner last week! The girls gladly peeled the carrots that night, saving me all sorts of time!
Ella fashioned this dress / baby sling out of a blanket!

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