Monday, January 31, 2011

The Brown Outfit

We've reached the stage of being able to embarass our kids far sooner than I imagined. Adrian was cleaning out his closet on Saturday night, while I did dishes and the girls soaked in the tub. He casually came out of the bedroom wearing his long lost "Brown Outfit", which I had not seen in a long time! The photo above is from 2004, and Adrian has probably lost 20 pounds since then, so he looks better than ever in it. Well, as good as one can look in such an outfit..

I remember vividly the day we happened upon "The Brown Outfit". We were browsing at the Goodwill in Missoula, and when Adrian found the pants, he suddenly became determined to find a coordinating shirt and shoes. I remember him being VERY disappointed that the shoes cost more than the pants and shirt together -- they were $2. They are probably actually old men's "house shoes" made of cheap brown vinyl with large loops in the back for ease of pulling on. Still, he made the difficult decision to purchase them, sure that he would have several years of use of them. And he has; they are still around!

We were laughing about how the outfit came together when Adrian said, "Do you think the girls would notice?" Sometimes they can be so entrenched in their playing that they won't even look up unless we draw their attention to something. Adrian sauntered into the bathroom and asked, "How are you girls doing?" Before the words were completely out of his mouth, Ella erupted into a very adamant tirade about how there was something wrong with that outfit, and that he had BETTER NOT wear it on the birthday date we are taking her on next Saturday!! Since she often comes up with clothing combinations that I would not personally wear, I didn't think she would care too much. I had to laugh though, because she is only 6 years old and somehow her parents' appearance has already become important.

I think The Brown Outfit will have to resurface when Adrian is preparing for Ella's Birthday Date on Saturday! ;)


  1. I love my Big Brother to bits!!!!!!! and in the brown outfit, I love him even more.... :)

  2. Lol!!!! This was so fun to stop by and see this post. Maybe you should start a new fashion trend Adrian! Kids are sure tuned into what's "normal" and what's not-more than we think! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  3. What fun! Your kids will likely remember the brown outfit as fondly as you do in years to come:)

  4. Oh no! The 3 daughters REALLY have to experience what the 3 sisters did?!! It's going to be a long 15 years, girls! Just kidding. Thanks for not changing, Ade! (Well, maybe if you'd change that outfit, ahem!)