Monday, February 14, 2011

The Story of Ella's Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating Ella's 7th Birthday last weekend! We started with a beautiful young girl who took great delight in picking our her birthday outfit, and poses so pretty for pictures:

We added a home made birthday cake. Ella designed her birthday cake ~ a spice cake with flowers on top. At the last minute, shopping for groceries, I was really tempted to pick up a store bought cake. However, making a homemade cake feels like part of my "gift" to the birthday kid, so I made everything from scratch. I can never quite make a cake look the way I picture it in my mind, but luckily my kids are gracious enough to like it, despite mom's abilities! Maybe I'll have enough practice with cake decorating that I can impress them by the time they are more critical!

Here is our family gathered to celebrate Ella on Sunday morning
(she also picked out her parents' shirts, just for fun)

Mmmm, we LOVE our sister!!

We added 1 Gramma Mary

...and 1 Gramma Linda (here we are playing a family game of Farkle).
To have 2 Grandmas with us for a birthday weekend was ....
well, a gift in itself!
Saturday night ~ Ella's Birthday Date: She chose to go to Fairmont Hot Springs with Adrian and I, to eat at the Resort's restaurant, and swim in the hot springs. She & Daddy took 2 rides down the 5 story slide into the pool, and she was treated to a ride on a coin operated horse. She also got to pick out a gift in the gift shop! Here we are on our way out the door...
The above *happy* photo was taken AFTER we sorted out Daddy's clothing. As we were preparing to leave (just the 3 of us), Daddy casually walked into the living room holding 2 pairs of swimming trunks, wearing the famous Brown Outfit. He innocently asked Ella which swimsuit she would prefer that he wear.... But before the question was finished, she was running away, exclaiming that Daddy could NOT go in that outfit!
A close-up of the great Brown Outfit Shoes. I adore my husband's sense of humor!!
Just before the Super Bowl was to begin, two friends surprised Ella by coming to our house to play whole we adults watched the game! Here are Bianca, Sydney and Ella, ready to have some fun!
...and then the Packers won!!! That made Ella's 7th birthday special for Daddy and I, more than for her! Even though the FBI confiscated the internet channels that Adrian usually is able to watch the NFL on, we were able to find another link and watch it here at home. Here's a picture of Aaron with Aaron, accepting the Lombardi trophy after the win!
Finally, the next day, mommy remembered one more present that was stored out in the garage: Ella now has her very own kid sized snow shovel, so she can help Daddy clear the walks when we have fresh snow!
It was a wonderful celebration that spanned several days, and we are oh so blessed to have Ella Rose in our family! She is an exceptional big sister, a great student, an amazing help to Mommy, and just as much a gift from God as the day she was born, 7 years ago!
The End!


  1. looks like a fun, fun weekend! happy birthday, sweet ella... :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA! Glad it was memorable for all! (of course im partial to the Brown outfit, but thats just me) :)

  3. Fun times! Can't believe she's already 7. I have this funny feeling that time is flying by much too quickly. But then, time sure flies when we're having fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way!