Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Someone commented that on the Christmas card, all our girls' smiles are so nice, but "what's with Aaron"?  I wouldn't say he is a less happy child than his sisters- by any means.  But he is extremely hard to get a picture of.  First, because he is only still while sleeping, it's hard to get a focused picture.  Second, he is camera shy and won't look at the camera or mommy or the person trying to get his attention-- he keeps looking down.  I have dozens of looking down shots, but figured friends & family would prefer to see his eyes! 

And then there's the girls: they are very good picture takers, but Jaci got snow in her shoe when we were at the park (ouch!), and I caught Ella "exclaiming" when I promised Aaron a candy cane if he would *just*look*up!!

(Ella thought maybe she could make Jaci smile?)
And these ones almost made the cut...

December joys: making foot warmers, pretzels, sugar cookies, homemade placemats & scramble!


  1. i 'love' blooper shots. don't get me wrong- i'm always looking for the "perfect" shot of our 4 kids. but to be honest, my favorite pictures of the kids are the ones that capture them.. as they are (every day). aka- not perfect pictures.

    People are so taken up with smiling equaling happiness. While my dear husband can smile and does have a charming one, he often doesn't show it for the camera. it certainly has nothing to do with the level of happiness he has within. i've known ppl with perfect smiles on pictures but in real life there are no such smiles/happiness.
    {sorry getting off soap box now}
    p.s. i wish we could get together soon. i know our kids would have a blast together! happy new years!

  2. How fun! My Logan always 'wants to see' when you pull out the camera. So getting a picture of him is hard too. What beautiful kids you have, even when they aren't posing perfectly :)