Sunday, January 29, 2012

a tiny report

This afternoon, Adrian finished a 14 page application for a new position within Bonneville Power Administration!  This is a supervisory engineering position located in Kalispell (about 4 hours NW of where we live now).  We have known about the possibility that he could take his boss' place upon his retirement in March for over 4 years.  Now the day has finally come to apply, and so we are going to have some direction soon!  

I have personally gone through a myriad of feelings on the matter over the last 4 years.  With Adrian's job, our family has visited Kalispell many weeks (probably 12-15), and a certain hotel there has become the kids' "home away from home".  We have gotten to know the front desk and housekeeping staff, and the kids love the routine of swimming in the pool each night and grabbing a fresh baked cookie on the way back to the room.  During our weeks up there, we have gotten to know the area, as well as the outlying areas, and they are all beautiful.  Compared to brown and arsenic polluted Anaconda, Kalispell's natural beauty alone is vibrant, awe-inspiring.  That's not to mention all the conveniences the larger city has over our current home.  I have spent many days here in Anaconda dreaming of Kalispell and "how much better life would be there".  I have also spent many days reminding myself, the grass is NOT greener up there (well, it is literally, but maybe not figuratively!).

More recently, after repeatedly hearing that Kalispell tends to be overcast, and a news report that it is the 6th cloudiest city in the NATION (we figure they must be excluding SE Alaska), a great amount of hesitation was born.  Gold Creek (where Adrian currently works), with it's mountain views and simple lifestyle seemed to be much more enticing.  

I have mentally wrestled with this for way too much time.  When future thoughts consumed me day and night, I had to lay them at the feet of Jesus.  I was casting my cares on Him; casting over and over, like you would cast a fishing line.  Then there was peace.

I'm happy to say that I feel completely neutral about the decision now.  I am personally convinced that Adrian is the best man for the job.  I also know that in this fallen world, the best man doesn't necessarily get the job.  (Take for example the current President & Republican candidates.  But before we get into politics, back to us...)  Adrian is applying for the job, giving it his best, and then God is making the decision for us!  The answer will be one or the other.  The Awesome God of Heaven and Earth knows what is best for Adrian in the workplace, for us in a new home, what is best for our children, and for our future neighbors.  We have no idea!  What a blessing it is to lean on His will unfolding, and know that whatever the answer, we will be in the best place.  

"For the Lord God is a sun and a shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: NO GOOD THING will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."  --Psalm 84.11

So if you ever get an answer of "no" ... God knew that was not a good thing for you!

We will likely know much more about our future within 1 month's time.  Thank you for joining us in prayer that the Lord's Will be done!!

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  1. Well, one perk to moving that way (NW).. when(ever) we get that way, we can see you and R & A in one stop!!
    wishing your family the best in the days ahead. wherever it may lead you.