Monday, June 18, 2012

the end of an era

It has been an overwhelming couple of weeks!  Moment by moment, we've gotten through.  Sometimes that meant less sleep ~ I was burnin' the candle at both ends, going to bed late, getting up early to check off all on the to do list.  Sometimes it meant more sleep ~ finally landing in the hotel, and sleeping in to make up for lost time!  It certainly hasn't been baby's fault that I was losing sleep.. He is such a little sleeper, day and night!

In the last 6 weeks, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy 120 miles from home, moved back home, decluttered the house, brought everyone's summer clothes out, switched Orion from newborn to 0-3 month, then to 3-6 month clothing, signed, notorized faxed or emailed hundreds of documents, sold a car, sold a camper, showed the house twice, sold the house, attended graduation parties, our own going away party, celebrated Tessa's 6th birthday, had the house packed by professional movers, said goodbye to 7 years in Anaconda, moved to Helena, moved to Missoula, moved to Kalispell, all with 5 kids in tow.  Yes, I've been leaning pretty heavily on help lately!  Finally, tomorrow tomorrow TOMORROW we will move to our new home!
We are now 9 hours away from signing on our new home.  Even though we're told we will have keys in hand tomorrow, it is difficult for me to believe.  We have waited sooooo long, that it still seems beyond our reach.  For 4 years we've known this move was a possibility; its been 3 1/2 months since Adrian was promoted and 2 1/2 months since we made an offer on our home.  Lots of emotions among all of us.  I find it hard to soak in this OUTPOURING of blessings!  There is excitement surrounding it all, but also some apprehensions from the unknowns.  (Tessa keeps asking when she'll see her toys again, and Aaron daily repeats, "I want to go home!")  I expect we'll be spending the entire summer settling in!  

In the middle of all the above, I attended an 8 hour Breastfeeding Seminar for continuing ed credits for my lactation counselor certificate.  It was a nice day with just me and the baby, but also very exhausting.  At the conference, Orion and I (along with my doula friend Abbie) were featured in a local newspaper article here.

We have decided to homeschool at least one more year.  The changes of a new baby brother, Daddy's new job, a new town and a new house are enough; keeping school the same will provide some stability.  I am more prayerful regarding homeschool than ever, seeing how the older 4 children are at such diverse levels, especially in reading and math.  The goal for me is to challenge them all and keep their interest simultaneously!  I suppose public school teachers face the same challenge, even in a single grade classroom...

Looking forward to the next 6 days, we have friends coming to help clean the new house if needed, company arriving to help with the children, movers bringing our earthly posessions, celebration of Jaci's birthday, more company coming and going, and hopefully some summer weather to enjoy!

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