Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Daddy...

I love you because you're tall & strong.  Sometimes I think you can fight a bear, and a moose and even a rattlesnake.  Happy Father's Day!  Love, Ella

I love you because you keep me safe.  I love you sharper than a fingernail.  I love you because you're strong and handsome.  Happy Father's Day!  Love, Tessa

I love you more than the ocean and a whale and a fish and a hotel.  I love Daddy because sometimes I jump in his hands and he throws me.  ~ Jaci

her shirt says it all
I love Daddy when he jumps me in the pool.  I love him because I got chocolate ice cream.  ~Aaron

I love sleeping next to to you, when you hold me inside your coat, and how you adoringly call me "GruntCub".  When you blow in my face, I make a cute grimace, but I'm just putting up with it.  Love, Orion


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  1. What a sweet post! I'll add to the list..."I love you because you're a daddy like mine was." :)