Friday, May 25, 2012

3 weeks!

My real live baby doll!

5 kids!

it's not about capturing a perfect photo...

but about documenting the fun...

...and real life!

After I clicked, Adrian looked up and said,
"I can tell you're cutting my head off."
Yes, honey, your head and your feet too!
Such is life in our tiny little kitchen.

Adrian, adoring his sleeping baby, took this shot
(as you can also tell by the angle!)

Tessa created this "pillow throne" herself, to hold Orion while playing Dutch Blitz!

In my opinion, you can't spoil a baby by holding him too much.
This little sweetie rarely has to be set down!  

I can tell he likes his sisters holding him,
and  is already studying each of them  individually.

This is what Aaron was doing when Orion was born.
Can you tell I love photos of these 3 together?!
And I love for them to BE together, too.
For some reason beyond their mommy's & my comprehension,
they all behave better & quieter when together!!

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  1. {smiling at the husband/wife shots.. common occurance at our house too}

    sweet shot of all 5 cuties!!

    I need to get in touch. we'll be in the livingston area the last week of june.