Tuesday, May 8, 2012

new & old

It's not difficult to be losing some sleep, 
when you wake up to this...

 ...and this!
lucky little 5th baby even has some new clothes for himself! 
 Girls' tea party orchestrated by Aunt Sandy; 
attended by special guestsTaylor & porcelain dolls!
Jaci insisted on some bike lessons...
though she is only three...
though the bike we have here is too big for her...
After 3 trial runs with Daddy holding onto the hood of her sweatshirt...
she announced, "You can let go now!"
She is now a 2 wheeled bike rider!

 Earlier, still waiting for Orion:
A day down on the farm...

 Coy, Bentley & Kase's NEIGHbors are almost 
as much an attraction as their house is!

 Mini horse delight
 manes blowing in the wind!
 We love to see dandelions after a long winter!
 National Take Your Child to Work Day!!!
 It gives me such joy & satisfaction to see these little ones growing up together ~
j, c, b, a
...and there are two littler ones that will soon join in all the fun!

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