Friday, August 17, 2012

honoring God

So how do we honor our Creator?  If we love him and stand in awe of what he has done, we are naturally compelled to reflect his glory. I've been taking note of nature lately.  We are told that every snowflake is different.  When we drive through a forest, we see that every tree is unique.  It wouldn't be nearly as pretty if they were all identical.  And there are so many facets of creation ~ the mountains, the canyons, the active rivers and the still rocks.  There are parts of creation that change with every season, and some things that take thousands of years to change.  

Sometimes we scurry around trying to "do" something noble, admirable, something FOR God.  But have you noticed, nature never does?  The deer just graze and wag their tails because that's what they were created to do.  The mountains stand firm day after day, century after century.  Babies eat, sleep, and play.  

Do you SOAR like the eagle (Isaiah 41), or are you SORE from flapping ... trying ... doing?  It was such a relief when I got this picture a few days ago, and heard God graciously telling me (again) that I don't need to DO anything... speak in a certain way, worship in a certain way, pray in a certain way, spend my time in a certain way, to honor him.  I honor Him by loving Him while I go about doing what I enjoy, and what comes natural...

...and so do you! 
A definition of "Fear God": 
living with the awareness
that God sees
everything I do.


  1. Very edifying! Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, learning to be and to accept each moment with grace, and contentment, is a learned stage. I often remind myself that some of the pesky animals like skunks seem worthless, but God created them for a reason and they have no problem being stinky. So often I envision a greater life as I mistakenly look upon another’s life and see how grand their life appears, when really, God just asks me to glorify Him in my own life and not worry, envy, judge, condemn the life of another. Look at a bear, they have the God given talent to prepare for winter, they know how to hunt, they are not concerned with the little belly they grow and they silently glorify God. Wow, such a good reminder that even the woodpecker though kind of noisy glorifies God. Even if they do annoy others while pecking away. So, I need to stop trying to make a difference and start glorifying God see He can be the One to make the difference! Wow, very enlightening!

  2. you are so right... parts of creation that we don't see the purpose of, God does!! In our limited view, we are amazed by parts of creation, and annoyed by other parts... but God loves it all! His love endures forever!