Saturday, August 18, 2012

little boy-isms

     Right now i'm finding it hard to take my camera places ... because I feel I'm doing good if I just keep track of all my kids , their coats, sunglasses, diaper bag, snacks & drinks etc etc when we go places...  I think later I will wish I had snapshots of these moments.  
     Like last night, Aaron's first rodeo (that he'll remember).  He was completely in awe of the cowboys pulling off their different events.  He made everybody in a 10' radius smile when he announced very loudly,
"Look Daddy!  That cowboy fell off!"

eating a hot dog like corn on the cob
Aaron is such an aware little buddy.  He is especially sensitive to sounds, and I forget all that he is observing when I'm going about my business.  When we were wandering through the fair looking for Adrian and Tessa, Aaron saw the cage-on-a-pendulum type of carnival ride, Aaron was holding my hand and trying to keep up with my steps.  He said, "Hey Mommy, are those people stuck in there?"  I explained that no, that was a ride that they wanted to get on!  He thought for a few seconds and then said, "Are they screaming for help?"  I assured him that no, they were screaming because they were having fun ~ kind of like the way he screams when he gets to go on his bounce house!  :)  What a compassionate little heart!!

Last night when we were laying together in bed, ready for sleep, Aaron was thinking of the bull riders when he said, "Mommy, why don't those cowboys ride horses?"

Yeah, I couldn't agree more, little buddy!  Why would you ride a huge wild bull, when there are perfectly trained horses to be ridden?  :)  Just love his blossoming mind!

Dear little Aaron, 
I want you to become whatever God wants you to be... follow your dreams, use your talents, and be absolutely ANYTHING you want*!
Love, Mom
*(except a bull rider)

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  1. SO cute! made my day all the way overseas to read about Aaron! Thanks so much for sharing! :)