Saturday, October 26, 2013

October snapshots, horses home!

To share our life with those away ~~  I cannot possibly catch up on summer, so will share "October" here!

Grandpa Harold visited!

Cubby calls anything remotely round "ba"
...and throws it, if I'm not looking!

another new pet: Turq

G&G visited!  LOVED having them here!!
love the emotion here!

I continue to take the challenge to photograph
the skies as God paints them for us!
We live in paradise!

field trip!
just 2 families=10 kids!
at Polson

applesauce assembly line!
our girls!

I had to take a photo of the first time
Aaron ran away from home... because I have a feeling it won't be the last.
Poor guy was so distraught!
After I shot a photo and a video, I went and picked him up
and assured him that we love him! 

cross country meet!

because we don't have Culver's...
celebrating at DQ afterwards!

first load of hay---- YAY!!

hay storage for now

Prince Charming

sniff, and goodbye to Taylor!
Her Prince Charming is whisking her off to WA,
and she will be married 1-4-14!

17 kids (+12 adults) at our house every Friday night for Bible Study!
next to Adrian, the mini looks REALLY mini!

homecoming for the horses today, 10-26-13!!

bringing our 2 new pets home was a family affair!  

meeting new friends on a homeschool hike

strange October day today ~
it was foggy like this all day long.  And cold.
I'm never ready for winter, but here it is anyway.
Thankful that God is with us in EVERY season of weather and life!
He has been showing himself SO near lately.
I'm also thankful for warm fires, cute kids and an adoring husband which make it seem warmer!


  1. Thanks for the update Anna! Loved every picture and every smile put one on my face too! :) Oh, I think DQ is a fine substitute for Culvers!! (Like you say, if you don't have a Culvers!)

  2. LOVE! I like getting a sneak peek into your days, Anna, you encourage me even though you probably don't know it :)
    The picture of your house is rather cool I think!