Friday, February 14, 2014

pass it on

I wish you could have seen his face on Monday night.  It was dark, snow was falling, and I was cold.  He walked up to me -- probably a 7 year old boy with big brown eyes and a whisp of brown hair peeking from under his winter hat.  He asked me so very politely, "Would you like some hot chocolate?"

An hour before, I had been in an accident near the bottom of the little boy's driveway.  On very slippery roads, I sideswiped a log truck and was thrown into the ditch.  The fear, the crashing sounds, the slow-motion feeling of "I'm going to hit, I'm hitting, I'm coming out of it..." were all still fresh in my body.  I had been standing outside for an hour with the other driver and a Highway Patrol officer looking at the crash scene, picking up debris, waiting for the crash report, feeling my toes grow numb.  This little boy had no doubt seen the flashing lights, and asked his mom what was going on.  He walked down the hill from his house and offered all three of us a warm drink.

I was exceedinly thankful to be unharmed.  I was arguing with the log truck driver as to who was at fault.  I was discussing my point of view with the trooper.  I was longing to journey the 1/2 mile home.  When the little boy approached with his offering, that's when a tear came to my eye.  Such radiant thoughtfulness on a tense scene.  He wasn't ignoring our situation; he wasn't part of the accusing, he was just a fantastic little neighbor.

A tiny act of kindness ....



  1. So glad you're okay...were the kids with you? Have a happy Valentines Day today :)

  2. Oh how scary! So thankful that you are ok. What a precious little boy.

  3. An ounce of care brought a bright memory to the situation! SO glad you're alright, Anna!