Thursday, February 4, 2016


We didn't see the sun much in January...
the road home
we actually pulled up chairs and watched this sunrise one Saturday morning!

So...what has been keeping us busy?
Each Wednesday, very early, we truck up to Whitefish for our
Homeschool Community Day.  There, we gather with friends to practice
all the memory work we've been working on at home!  
The children also do an oral presentation, 
an art project, and a science experiment every week.
Ella has an additional class in the afternoon focusing on the complexities of English grammar. 
She is getting pretty good at diagramming sentences (and I am hoping to!)

TG just keeps growing!

I heart Carhartt

Such a gift I have in my husband:
Adrian has been helping by reviewing with the kids on the evenings/weekends!
They get out their maps and the jelly beans, and are actually excited to study
"Jelly-ography" with Daddy!  
We are currently working on all of the waters, ancient empires, cities, and countries of Africa.

morning cuddles with a hat from Gramma L

The kids get soooo excited the times I let them do something hands-on, 
so this was the day they were gathering to prove their liquid equivalents: 
Even Cubby can tell you 8oz=1 cup, 2 cups=1 pint, 2 pints=1 quart, 4 quarts=1 gallon!

Tessa kept busy crocheting a bunch of cup sleeves to gift to friends!

All of a sudden, she began to grab at everything and pull it toward her mouth...
now we make sure "Grunt" the bear is ready to greet her at the changing table!

Lil' Miss turned 3 months

Such a sweet brother...he will even share his alligator with her!
Oh wait!  That's the toy he bought for her when she was born...
...but she shares it with him!  :)

hey, blue eyes!

this baby loves to scratch on textured things with her tiny fingernails, 
so the football makes a good surface for that!

Unfortunately, we have spent part of the month sick.. 
so here I am with my youngest 2 sick babies...
we learn to be thankful for the rest...
...and to be thankful when we're healthy again!!

she's a tired Taiya.

the kids dressed up Taiya in their own way...
Then I realized she was "Taiya with a tie"
ha ha

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