Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Every one of our kids has a daddy-given nickname.  Or three.

When Taiya was born, we gave her this name that we had agreed on years ago... and very soon after we met her, Adrian was insistent on coming up with a nickname for his newest little one.  In the first days of her life, he would just look at her and say, "I've got to come up with a nickname for you."  (I don't know why he must...but I think it has something to do with adoration.)  

So early in her life, she had a real serious look, she would grunt a lot, and was super little, of course...

So on day 3 of her life, he announced, "That's it!  I'm going to call you Tugboat!  I think you're just like a little tugboat with all of that grunting!" 

Tugboat?  On my beautiful baby girl?

Well, it stuck... and now I call her Tuggie for short.   So we have a Buddy, a Cubby and a Tuggie!

here are photos that show off her tug-li-ness

very much a tug
(on my heart!)

a very tug face
from the beginning, she loved elevation...
still does!

Recently, I found this old book on the bookshelf... it is from my childhood.  I have fond memories of turning these pages when I was, well, as young as my kids are now!

who knew one day I would have a tugboat of my own!

sometimes Tugboat also gets shortened to "Tug"
or "Tugless"

You can hear daddy singing:
"She's our Tuggie, our little Tuggie, our little Tuggie baby girl!"
(It's such a catchy tune, I'm sure Uncle Stephen
 will be singing it for days once he hears it!)

Did anyone else out there have this beloved book as a child?

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  1. Such adorable photos! How perfect that you have that tugboat book! I had a good laugh over that petite thing being "Tugboat"!! Yah, I suppose Adrian's names would have to do with adoration. :-)