Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One Darling Girl!

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend of celebrating Miss Taiya Grace!
Her day, Friday, began as usual with our homeschool co-op;
 I was substitute tutoring that day, so it made for a super busy one!
We took our Oregon Grandma with us, and the entire homeschool group sang happy birthday to her, which she loved!
She smiles big and claps each time she is sung to!
When we came home, the cakes I had ordered were ready!
We chose a "tugboat" theme because Adrian calls her his little tugboat!
A few hours after we got home from homeschool day,
our house was blissfully filled with a bunch of friends!
We ended up with 15 adults and 24 kids ~ a marvelous time of worship, fellowship, and fun!
...and there's always enough food!  
The next day, after the MT grandma arrived, we finally had time to open presents!
Here is Taiya with all of her gifts that arrived from around the country!  
She seemed a little more interested in climbing on top of them than opening them!  ;)
With a little help, she got them all opened...
One gift was a new at-the-table seat so she can be at the table with us!
She also got a beautiful green knitted blanket with Gramma L said was partly knitted near the Taiya River,
a sweet pink outfit from M&A and not forgotten though she is one-of-many great-granddaughter to special G. Grandparents! Tessa even made her a very special hand made touch-and-feel birthday card!  
Orion sweetly presented her with the same toy as on her birth-day: a dollar store dinosaur figurine!
The next day, we took yet another cake with us out to eat!

We love this little girl so, so much!
She is super lovable....
....but it seems that our hearts have grown and have the capacity for even more love now than before. 

What's she up to?  Taiya is crawling, signing, talking in a few understandable words, requesting to use the potty chair (a year earlier than any of our other babies!), eating all sorts of vegetables, fruits and grains, and got her first taste of ice cream on her birthday!  She is constantly entertained and held by siblings, snuggled by parents, claps after she turns off light switches, and begins to sway back and forth when we sing or play music.  She is just too delightful to describe! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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  1. I've been MIA to blogs for too long. I'm trying to figure out how she is ONE!? Love catching up on your family!