Thursday, June 15, 2017

describing Wednesday

I received this great email from Adrian describing their Wednesday ~ knew you would love to read it too!  To send an email, he has to tap it out on the ipad and then walk a distance to the host house to connect to wireless and send it.  I'm so thankful!
Today we had a relaxed morning, and then our team of 9 headed out to an outreach at San Antonio with Dan, Pepe, Carla + 3 kids, Carlita + baby, and 1 other young lady.  We had lunch at a great taco de pescado place in Navajoa, the. dropped off Carla and her kids in another town and then took a very long drive to the end of a dirt road to San Antonio, a village of about 60 homes.  We set up our puppet stage and craft table, then Pepe led worship entirely in Spanish, the girls did a puppet skit of about 5 minutes, then I shared my message of about 10 minutes.  About 30% in Spanish and 70% translated by Dan.  Then we broke into 7 groups and went with 2-3 kids through the town and handed out tracts (from Warren) to every house in town.  Ella and I were with two boys, Martin(8) and Saul(5) who spoke no English at all.  This was the best part of my day as we walked around and I tried to engage the boys with a little español and chatted a little with the local folks.  Then we got back and played games and crafts until we left.  On the way back, we took on an elderly couple, then picked up Carla and her for a while we had 20 in the van...Ella took a nap in my lap while we bumped our way back to Navajoa and then the ranch.  We got back around 7pm hungry and ate Ana's enchiladas and beans...the kids played basketball until dark, then walked around with me after dark finding scorpions, other spiders, and scorpions with our flashlights.

The five girls are sleeping in a large upper room together above Dan &Ana's kitchen with a nice bathroom and shower.  The four guys are sleeping in a vacant house a ways away on the ranch, which is more like a garage than a house.  But it has a nice kitchen with an air conditioner where we have set up our cots, and a primitive shower in a bathroom nearby.  I slept really well last night...despite big spiders on the ceiling above me, mice running around, and a fairly large snake we had to toss outside when we got here.

Ella is doing great!  She still clings to me in new situations, but I am so proud of her!  Her bg's have been good.  I still mourn that she is usually the last one to start eating, so I have decided to delay starting to eat until she can.  I am hoping she will talk more directly to the kids in Spanish, because it is so awesome.  She is rolling with changing plans, high temperatures, and uncomfortable situations so much better than she does at home!  She will probably need some crash time when we get back to recharge.

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me prepare for speaking Spanish on this trip.  My Spanish is better than anyone else's on our team, not by much, but enough to be so useful.  Despite that, I can hardly understand anything at all of the native speakers...except Ana because she speaks more slowly for me.  She is very encouraging, says my pronunciation is very good, and is glad I am trying to learn.


  1. Love all of this ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This trip will be an experience Ella & her dad will cherish! (Adrian must have been super tired to sleep with spiders on the ceiling!)