Monday, June 12, 2017

Mexico bound!

Adrian and Ella signed up for a mission trip to Mexico back in January, I think.  Ella had expressed interest after she saw some of her friends come back from there with hearts full of joy for what they had experienced!!  I sooooo wanted to take her, but quickly decided that a 36 hour road trip and a toddler don't mesh very well!  We began preparations with Adrian requesting time off work and a passport application for Ella with all of its joys (and rejections).

When Ella landed in the hospital in April, I wondered if her health would thwart these plans.  Yesterday was a grand victory in that she was able for such a strenuous trip, even facing days of 100+ degree weather.  Thursday, on our way home from Bozeman, we paused to hike the "M" trail.  Starting at 4,700 feet, the trail has around an 800' elevation gain, and at 10:30 in the morning, it was a beautiful 85 degrees!  Along the trail, Ella complained that the heat bothered her, but she made it!!  She never complained once about being out of breath.  So I'd say that was proof her lung capacity is back to normal- horray!!  Goodbye, pneumonia!!  She made it to the 'M', and I told her maybe the hot weather was a blessing to break her in for Mexico, where they anticipate a humid 100+ degrees each day.  She wasn't inspired.

So, back to Mexico: the team of 9 volunteers is traveling in a 15 passenger van to Alamos, Sonora Mexico.  There are 4 guys and 5 ladies: our pastor and his son, and a handful of really cool teenage girls!  Two of the girls have been there before, but the others haven't.  The purpose of the trip is to spread the gospel to places surrounding Alamos.  They will have an intense schedule of travel each day to remote villages where children will gather to hear a message, watch a puppet show, and do crafts.  The theme is "Jesus es la luz del mundo"  (Jesus is the Light of the World, John 8.12)

In total, the trip will be 12 days long, traveling 1,900 miles (36 hours) one way.  Day 1, they traveled a mere 8 hours to their first stop in Pocatello, ID.  Day 2 they left at 4 a.m. and put in 16 hours, reaching Phoenix Arizona.  Day 3, they will again depart at 4 am, plan to cross the border nice and early (no lines!) and then reach their destination later that day.  I anticipate being able to email Adrian, but no phone or video call contact. 

I am excited for my daughter, and SO wish I could be there with her, watching her first cross culture experience!  She has been diligently studying Spanish, and I wish I could hear her try it out on the kids down there!  This will be the longest span Adrian and I have ever been apart since we got married (I should be thankful for that!).  It will be a test on our wits and endurance, but God has gotten us through every experience til now!  

I'll keep ya updated!  

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