Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of Pregnancy

The signs of the end of pregnancy are here! I have been in a major organization, de-cluttering, dusting mood lately, which is WONDERFUL!! The house has needed it for many months!! I think the impulse began with Adrian cleaning and organizing our basement, and it just went from there—10+ bags shipped off to the thrift store, mud room made efficient for winter gear, space for baby clothes found in an existing dresser, computer and scrapbooking desks overhauled, tool and art supply bins meticulously organized, lesson planning done, car seats all cleaned and adjusted to make room for baby, truck vacuumed… it all feels so good!!

Other signs of the end of pregnancy:
*my husband has to help me pull on and zip my winter boots
*I’m really tired of maternity clothes and look forward to wearing normal stuff soon
*on Sunday when hungry for lunch, I pulled out the makings for a green salad with a boiled egg. Was hungry so drank a root beer while the eggs were boiling. Root beer filled me up, so put the salad ingredients away. A short time later, made tomato soup and grilled cheese instead! That’s a pregnant lady’s prerogative, right?
*Finally didn’t sleep well last night, which I remember being more typical as the birth approached with the first three… so hoping it is sooner than later. As one person encouraged me, “Babies are always on time—their OWN time!!”
*Even though we have had 3 healthy births, there is some trepidation (and no guarantee) with going through it again—so, my prayers are consumed with God watching over the process, and blessing us again. Soon we’ll all be enjoying this child God intends for our family!


  1. Hi Anna,
    We're waiting...very excited to hear your news!
    I'm happy to be home again:)

  2. oh.. i remember all those 'signs' pointing to the end of pregnancy. :) (My SIL is at 35 wks- #4 is a surprise for them also.. but we.. she especially are so anxious to met him/her)
    Will be thinking of you.. as you prepare to met #4! hugs to your family!

  3. Great to hear you are at he beginning of the end!!! THinking of you guys so much!

  4. Sending lots of love your way - and prayers for a positive birth experience and healthy baby!

  5. Can't wait to hear. I remember feeling that way 2 yrs ago with, can it be that long ago?!? They are so precious!