Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hopefully soon, we will be posting pictures of the new baby! So while we're waiting, I decided to share a bunch of recent pictures of our 3 little sweeties.


Ella Rose at her school desk
Ella & cousin Bentley
...and with her new scooter
Tessa Jane dressing up
...ready to smile for the camera...
...hanging out with dad...
...and holding Bentley!
Jaci doing "down dog"
...looking serious...
...and showing what a great big sister she's going to be!! Jaci loves babies!!
...getting to know Uncle Dale, and adoring Bentley!

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  1. Precious! Can't wait to hear when you have a new little bundle!! And I can hardly believe that Ella is almost 6!! I can remember when we met you in Juneau when you were waiting for her to be born...playing games at your grandparent's house and eating out! Time sure flies!