Monday, January 25, 2010

The last 7 days have flown!

I'm hoping NOT to be awake to wish little Aaron a happy 1 week birthday tonight at 2 a.m. ... but if I am, I will feel thankful for what a wonderful week it has been! I feel great, and Aaron is a constant delight. I love the way he makes eye contact already, and turned his head toward my voice at only 3 days. He has also looked at us and smiled many, many times. I know, you think I'm bragging-- and no, I don't have photo evidence. Maybe it's just one of many faces a newborn makes in their awake time. But maybe, just maybe this little boy is a happy camper with a smiley personality. Time will tell!
Self Portrait in the mirror

First ride in car seat Listening to first NFL game with Daddy


  1. Oh I'm so glad you're taking so many pictures! Thanks so much! Not sure how it could fee like I "miss" Aaron when I haven't even met him yet, maybe it's because I miss all the rest of you! :)

  2. He definitely looks as sweet as he sounds! Look forward to meeting him!!!! Congratulations!!!!
    Anna B.

  3. even if you were bragging, which you are not, you would have every right. I mean.. look at that lil boy, and those girls!! :) So glad you are doing an awesome job at keeping your blog up to date with 4 lil ones! keep those cute pics coming!!

  4. Congratulations!! What a sweet little boy! We had our baby boy the same day/early morning 4:30 on the 19th! =)

  5. Ha, Ha, Tyler's first days involved March Maddness :)