Monday, May 2, 2011

More Travel

After our week in Portland, we were home for 2 weeks. Then we packed up again to tag along with Adrian during a 2 week business trip to Kalispell!

Jaci doing some yoga at the hotel in Kalispell
Aaron meeting Jeana's dog before we went out to dinner!

Almost every night of a stay in Kalispell, we take the children swimming. Unfortunately the pool water is really cold, so we have to jump back & forth from the pool to the hot tub. The kids have really improved with all the practice & instruction from Daddy! Ella and Tessa can swim independently; Jaci still jumps in at her leisure, and trusts someone to catch her; Aaron prefers the hot tub!

We got to have one night with our friends the Harris' -- we met sweet Melita for the first time, Alison served an amazing meal, and we all had fun. In fact, there was great disappointment and tears when it was time to go, so next time hopefully we can get together on a summer vacation day!

The weekend in between our 2 weeks in Kalispell, we drove to Plains to hang out with our good friends, the Grants. We really, really miss having them in Anaconda, but are happy for them in their new spot. We got to explore their property, home and community. Here, the girls are discovering the season's first wildflowers!

Any time with Taylor is a good time!

We love Taylor! And her dog, Buddy!

You wouldn't believe that morning we woke up to snow covering all the hills. By the afternoon, it was sunny again!

Oops, out of order. On our way to Kalispell, we stayed two nights with Logan & Elissa's! They have some miniature horse neighbors, which were a great delight to our girls. We continue to hear every day that they would like one of their own!

trying to get all the kids in one frame ~ Elissa has better photos here!

We also stayed one night at Gramma Mary's on our way up:

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