Monday, May 16, 2011

The Best 10 Years!

This year, Adrian and I are celebrating 10 years! May 14, 2001 was the day we met. We both had extended family in Skagway, Alaska, and had secured summer jobs there. I wanted to drive my brand new yellow XTerra to AK, rather than fly. So our family members, knowing we had an identical destination, suggested that we could make the drive up north together.

We emailed and IM'd a few times, and agreed to begin the journey in Oregon. We met at Adrian's sisters' place in Boring, OR on the day that we embarked on this 2,000 mile road trip ~ complete strangers, other than knowing some of one anothers' family. Here we are on the day we met

(Why was this picture taken? None of us are quite sure, but I am so very thankful to have it now!)

...and again 10 years later, striking a similar pose!

On that day in 2001, niether of us had any idea, hope or desire that our acquaintance would turn into a happy marraige. But now we can say with 100% honesty, these have been the very best 10 years of our lives!


  1. Congratulations!!! That's awesome! And how fun to hear how you two met! When did you both realize you were interested in pursuing a relationship that would lead to marriage?

  2. Rachael ~ I will unravel more of our love story as we hit the 10 year mark on those events! :) Basically, we decided we missed each other and wanted to be more than friends in September of 2001, when I was in Hawaii and he was at MSU.

  3. Awesome photo re-enactment! :) love you guys!

  4. That was a really fun way to capture the day again, Anna! Thanks for sharing! :) We 3 girls love our '4th sister' in our family!

  5. Congratulations you two! We also share a May anniversary and love going back down memory lane to that very special day. Though you're trying to strike a similar pose, it just can't be hid, the fact that you are much more comfortable with one another at this point. I love how time and experiences bind us closer and closer!