Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tessa Turned Five!

Here's a short pictorial journey of Tessa's 5th birthday. Despite being a super busy day, we had a wonderful celebration with her! We are so very blessed to have this precious child. Not only is she beautiful, she has a beautiful heart as well. She is generous with her sisters, and ultra- affectionate to her brother. She is happiest when helping mommy with cooking, cleaning, or laundry. She prefers to wear dresses every single day, and can often be found dancing ballet-style around the house, her long blonde curls following her twirls. She is horse crazy, often asking when it is that we can have one of our own ("next week, mom?"). She is at the stage of saying funny things that crack us all up, and she loves to explain why God made things the way he did.

Happy Birthday to a true Princess!The gifts just waiting to be torn apart...

My first sewing machine!

A stallion figurine from Ella
Drawing by an original artist!
Clothes and headbands! (All 3 girls are planning to use these!)

A floral arrangement sent by G.G'ma A ~ a watering can filled with flowers, complete with a purse filled with chocolate kisses and a cuddly teddy bear!
Off on a birthday date with Dad and Mom. Tessa wanted to do the same thing as Ella did in February, so we headed to Fairmont to swim and ride the 25 cent horse. Unfortunately the swimming was cut short as Tessa had some intense fears about sharks being in the water. Hope that fear is short lived, and that it is soon left to only be a funny memory...

Giddy-Up Cowgirl!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Tessa! You are growing up so fast. Looks like you had a very special day!