Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jace is 3!

We were exuberant to celebrate Jaci's 3rd Birthday last week! Adrian and I have said many times that if we had a choice, we would keep a 2 year old version of Jaci around the house permanently! Age two has been her cutest, funniest, sweetest age yet. So for the first time ever, I felt the feeling of wishing my child were not growing older.

But now I can see, at three, Jaci is still full of fun and not going to stop filling us with joy each day! She is the most "unique" child we have, with a personality that is downright impossible to pinpoint. She is both extroverted (loves to go places, be around people), and shy (it has been 1 whole year of having her cry, or run away anytime a group sings, following the trauma of having "happy birthday" sung to her last year). She is both sweet and sassy. She is both a clan member (feels most secure when our family is all together) and independent (will wander more easily than her sisters). She is a very quiet child, with few demands, but also can be heard screaming the loudest of anybody if she deems the situation appropriate. She is both bold and sensitive. She repeats herself often, always beginning with "Hey Mommy..." which means she has sometimes been lost in the shuffle as the 3rd child, and I need to listen better. She is daring at the swimming pool, but wants to be held close ("uppie") in new situations. She stands up for herself with her sisters and parents in a way that proves she has no idea how small she is. She is small. We have no idea how her huge personality can fit inside her tiny little frame. She is complicated to discipline, because she can be very willful, but also runs and hides if she is told she "no". While hiding behind a closed door, she will often announce, "I need some quiet time". She likes to be spoken to gently, she follows in her sisters' footsteps very closely, and she keeps us all laughing.

Saturday night, I let her play with the flashlight in the dark for a minute before sleep. When I told her it was time to turn it off, she was glad to use her little fingers to control the switch. Once the flashlight was off, she complained about the dark. I reminded her that she could talk to me or talk to God until she fell asleep. She immediately launched into prayer, "Lord, please help me turn this light on!" She and I laughed and laughed, and then she fell asleep quickly.

Wow, what an amazing little girl our Jaci Claire is! I cannot imagine what plans the Lord has for her unique personality and talents yet, but it really doesn't matter to me. Now, and when she's all grown up, she will be my daughter, and for that, I'm so very blessed!

This year, Jaci requested a "black cake with black frosting and horses on top". So this is what we came up with ~ a chocolate sheet cake with the girls' figurines galloping across. Like my sister-in-law often says, the third birthday is the first a child is really able to anticipate, understand, and enjoy. Jaci was so very patient waiting to celebrate her birthday (18 days after watching Tessa's), and she shined like a little jewel when the spotlight was on her!

To help celebrate, we had Uncle Darryl, Gramma Mary, Logan and Elissa, Coy & Bentley on hand!

Since Uncle Darryl's birthday was 3 days later, we gave him a candle to blow out as well!


Little mr. casual, not trying to steal the show or anything...

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