Monday, October 10, 2011

July Memories

4th of July!

Aaron's 1st sparkler

Just in case those sparklers are noisy...

So this is *part* of the process of packing 6 people for a 2 week trip.  Actually, I only pack for 5 of us; Adrian graciously takes 5 minutes to pack himself x amount of tshirts, jeans and socks... and wonders why it takes me so long to pack.  :{  On Day 1, I make sure all the laundry is clean so that we're not limited in what to pick out ~ I want to be able to choose comfortable clothes for traveling, play clothes for the beach, and formal clothes for Sundays without having to pick through laundry baskets!  On Day 2, I pack all of our clothing, which requires matching tops to bottoms, and sometimes coordinating matching outfits.  You also have to think about socks, shoes, and jammies...  On Day 3, I pack "everything else", which is, of course, more than half of the list.  Since we travel so often, I have a packing list that I print off the computer and just cross off as I go ~ so I don't forget to put the mail, milk and egg deliveries on hold, or a camera cable, or underwear for somebody.  I am looking forward to the day when the girls can be trusted to pack for themselves!  :) 

So we took off on our 2 week road trip, and saw a variety of landscapes ~ The main destinations were the Doland Family Reunion in Grants Pass, OR and David Oakes' reception in Eugene, OR.  But we also managed to visit Heyburn, ID, Bend, OR, Medford, Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Crecent City, CA, Lincoln City, OR, and Wilsonville.  Our camera broke about half way through the trip or else we'd have more to share ~ but I'm sure you're glad I have to stick to the highlights here!!

We weren't prepared to see *S*N*O*W* on our climb to Crater Lake!  In my 22 years of living in Oregon, I had never visited this famous landmark, so we were glad to go as a family on our way to Medford.

Freezing at the top

The kids enjoyed the view, yes, but not as much as the little chipmunk that darted across the rocks beneath them!

Drove through the Redwoods on our way to the CA beach.  Looking at these monstrous trees just forces you to say "WOW!" and marvel at God's beautiful creation!

The reunion began at Crescent City, CA where my grandparents honeymooned 60 years ago in June. 
It was an unusually sunny and warm day for the area, we were told...

Crescent City, CA
From there, we all traveled back to Grants Pass for our 4 day reunion.  We managed to rent a large property that provided plenty of beds for all, in addition to a lake, game room, basketball court, hiking trails.  Forty-five of us were able to attend, only missing 6 of my cousins and 1 dear Auntie!

Basketball games for all ~

And then the fierce competition showed up!

Honoring these wonderful people, my Doland Grandparents.

A new favorite photo ~ sleeping angel

The whole group: Grandpa and Grandma with their 9 living children and spouses, 16 out of 22 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren

My brothers and I

Another favorite: this crisp photo clearly depicts the relationship enjoyed between Uncle Darryl and Aaron.  I think because Darryl was able to be at our house in June, Aaron really bonded with him, and recognized him again in July.  Any moment he had a chance, Aaron would RUN to Uncle Darryl and demand, "Uppie!".  Mommy's arms got a break for all the toting Uncle Darryl did! 

From Grants Pass, we went to Lincoln City, where we enjoyed a few days with just my parents, brothers, and us.  I have no photos.  From there we went to Wilsonville where we stayed until it was time to travel to Eugene for the wedding reception of this happy couple: David & Jeanelle Oakes!
Little girls in summer dresses and a rope swing ~ what could be better?

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