Monday, October 10, 2011


Ok, well, these photos are hopelessly out of order, but blogger won't let me move them right now, and I'm vowing not to lose my sanity over it.  Instead, I'll lose my perfectionism ~ most of these were taken during our 2 weekends at Gramma Mary's house in early Sept.
Tessa learned to ride without training wheels a while ago, but one weekend in September she suddenly found her confidence, and now embraces any opportunity to go for a ride!  We are so proud of her!!  One walk in the park had 2 girls riding independently and 2 in the bike trailer, so we are finally hopeful that whole family bike outings will actually be a fun thing in the future!

The kids at the picnic spot before a carousel ride (photo courtesy Elissa ~ thank you!)

Aaron with his 1st Birthday wagon (only assembled 8 months late!)
The kids enjoying a snack during our sadly unsuccessful hunt for huckleberries

Our kids are never happier than when outside...
Gramma Mary and Jaci riding Missoula's carousel. 
Ella & Tessa took great delight in choosing which horse they would ride, but photos of them turned out blurry!

Since we homeschool year round, our "first day" of this school year was July 1.  However, this photo was taken on our first day of Homeschool Group in early September.  We are delighted to have a large group of local homeschoolers meeting weekly this year; there have been 25 children attending for the past 3 weeks.  The kids enjoy great lessons and very fun play time!  We've done projects like baking, science experiments, and making duct tape wallets.  Up this week: decorating cake pops, lesson by a professional cake decorator mom!

Tessa was the one who suggested the photo shoot, and posed very cutely!

Ella pulling smaller siblings in the new wagon!


  1. Loving the updates on your adorable family!

  2. I had so much fun catching up with your pictures and events the last several months--THANKS for sharing! Love and miss you!