Monday, October 10, 2011

June Memories

What Adrian does at work!  Well, not usually.  This was a special training; usually he is not working on the high voltage stuff.

The girls got to see Daddy's work "Snow Cat" up close & personal!  Adrian drives this to mountaintop sites during winter, when no other vehicle could access it because of snow.

Does this photo need an explanation?  Uncle Darryl just makes everything fun!  Like finding a stump while you're hiking, and pretending it is a bucking rodeo horse!

Jaci loved this natural little pond we found on our hike

The hiking crew, minus Adrian!

Mr Dirt Man.  I can't keep him out of the dirt.  And that's bad, not because I don't want to let my little boy be a boy, but because we live in Anaconda, one of the biggest superfund sites in the nation, where the dirt is known to be unhelathy.  I wish we had room for a sandbox... but winter is coming, and hopefully we'll be moving soon!

Summer means weather for pony rides!!!

Aaron's first pony ride ~ it went better than the girls' first; they all bailed very quickly!

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