Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Sale!

We've received 2 Comparative Market Analyses, spoken with the relocation company, gotten direction from the home buyout program person, talked more with the bankers, got the electrical panel inspected, reviewed inspection reports, and signed on the repairs to be done to the Kalispell home.  I've cleaned up the effects of flu symptoms, had sleepless nights, and tried to keep ahead of the kids and their trails (though I never win).  I've washed baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, baby car seat, removed "extras" to storage, and will continue to stash away clutter that we won't need before the move.

Today our little home went on the market.  We have hoped for the last 6 years that all the updates and improvements we did would be appealing to someone out there.  Now that it's free to look at, we really hope so!  And I do sincerely hope that the neighbors' music and dogs won't be making too much noise at the time that somebody looks!  We are extremely blessed that in this downturned market, we were still able to list higher than we bought for.

After 30 days on the market, the company will give us a buyout offer, which we can then compare to other interest or offers on the place.

But between now and then, I will be packing myself and the kids to live in Missoula while we wait for the baby.  Adrian will be working out of town.  We will welcome our 5th baby.  Then, one day at a time, we will know what to do from there!

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  1. thinking of you, with all the busy, life changing days. anxious to hear of #5 arriving!